Bereavement Support

The grief process has no timeline as each individual’s experiences are personal and unique.  At Roze Room Hospice of the Valley we have a well-earned reputation for providing comfort, care and compassion as family members work through the emotions of grieving. These emotions may include sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger and relief.

As a grieving person, you may experience sleep disturbances, appetite changes, loss of concentration and forgetfulness as well as frequent crying.  You may also find you have lack of energy, numbness and exhaustion.

Roze Room Hospice of the Valley provides bereavement support to grieving individuals, families and communities at any stage of loss.  Our Bereavement Team consists of experienced, licensed professionals who believe that grief is a natural and difficult response to loss.

For more information please contact our Bereavement Coordinator at (818) 783-1002.